Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yup!!dis is soo perfect

i lurve dis quote.it explains pretty much of wut i feel.

life iS t0o sHoRt t0 wAke Up In d MorniNG wItH rEgREts.
s0,LovE tHe pEopLE wh0 tReaT y0u rIghT,
f0RgeT aBouT The 0nEs wHo dOnt.
bElieVe THat eVerytHing haPpeNS f0R a REason.
iF y0u gEt a CHance,taKe iT!
iF iT chANges YouR liFE,tHEn Let iT!
n0Body saID iT'd bE eAsy,tHey Just pROmiSED itD
bE wOrtH It!!

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